Wetland Training Institute
Nationwide Permits Complete - 2017

Nationwide Permits Complete - 2017

by Robert J. Pierce, Sam Collinson, and David E. Dearing

This is the 5th edition of WTI’s Nationwide Permits Complete spanning back 17 years. The formatting is similar to previous editions and includes pertinent Preamble excerpts going back to 1991. It remains THE single, organized source for all documents required to move effectively through the nationwide permit process into 2022.
Organized for quick and ready reference, the entire texts of the 2017 NWPs, General Conditions, and the Regulations at 33 CFR 330 are presented in sequence and followed, in italics, by the pertinent and substantive parts of the 2017 and past preambles associated with each.
The 2017 version goes back 40 years to include:
· History of the Nationwide Permits
· Definitions
· Regulations
· NWPs and Conditions
· Past Guidance
· Updated Section on Nationwide Permits in the courts
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